Emmentaler AOP

Easily distinguishable because of its holes, Emmentaler is Switzerland’s most famous and popular cheese. It owes its name to the Emme Valley in the canton of Bern, where it has been made since the 13th century. Emmentaler is available at various levels of maturity to suit different tastes and purposes: from the mild, nutty classic (matured for at least four months) to the extremely fruity “Reserve” (matured for at least eight months) to the full-flavoured “cave-matured” (matured for at least twelve months).


While Emmentaler is delicious when consumed in slices, it can also be used in a variety of dishes. The cheese production is also regulated by strict AOP specifications.

30g contain:
Energy < 502 kJ (120 kcal)
Fat < 9.0g
of which saturates < 6.0g
Carbohydrate < 0.0g
of which sugars < 0.0g
Protein < 9.0g
Salt < 0.06g

Our Products

Emmentaler AOP Classic

A light nutty taste, aged four-to-eight months.

Emmentaler AOP Réserve

After four months of aging, the best Emmentaler AOP cheeses are selected for reserve aging. These cheeses are given extremely attentive care in the cellars and aged for a minimum of eight months to give them a noticeably more pronounced taste than that of the Emmentaler AOP Classic.

Kaltbach Cave Aged Emmentaler AOP

Kaltbach Cave Aged Emmentaler AOP, also known as "hohlengereift", has a distinct nutty aroma and a surprising softness. Aged for 12 months, 9 of which take place in the grotto or cave dug in molasse (soft sandstone), Kaltbach Cave Aged Emmentaler AOP is recognized by the marbled black-brown sheen of its crust that's created by its lengthy exposure to humid (94%), cool (12°C) and particularly mineralized air of the grotto, and by the great care given to it by master cheesemakers.


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Recipes Avocado Sandwich with Emmentaler AOP

Notre recette préférée pour un lunch frais et coloré prêt en quelques minutes!

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