Our cheeses of exceptional quality, our responsible practices, our ancestral expertise and knowledge... This is what makes Swiss cheeses unique and renowned.

Sustainability and Animal Welfare

Thanks to its pasture-based farming, the Swiss agriculture and its cheese production are promoting the protection of the environment and animal welfare.

The Swiss Cheese Production

Discover how the superior quality milk from our grass-fed cows is slowly transformed into cheese, from the reception of the milk to the maturing process.

The History of Swiss Cheese

Discover the history of Swiss cheese, from the Middle Ages to today, from local production in Switzerland to a know-how recognized throughout the world.

Switzerland, the Land of Cheese

Cheese production is a true Swiss tradition, and it is essential to the national economy. Almost 50% of our milk production is transformed into cheese!

Certifications and Seals of Quality

The AOP, IGP, Bio Suisse and Swissmilk green certifications ensure the quality of Swiss cheeses and the respect of our very high production standards.

Swiss Cheese, a Natural Product

Swiss cheeses are natural products that are free of chemical additives and flavour enhancers. Our cheeses fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.