Le Maréchal

Le Maréchal is a delicious raw milk cheese made by hand by the Rapin family in the heart of the La Rochelle countryside. It is named after Émile Rapin, a blacksmith and great-grandfather of the Rapin family. Twice a day, Jean Michel, Grégory, Kevin and Mathias Rapin take delivery of milk so fresh that it is still warm, delivered by thirteen farms in the BroyardeBroyard region. The milk is transformed into cheese the same day, according to traditional methods.


Le Maréchal is distinguished by its smoothness and its aroma infused with organic herbs added during the affinage, or maturation phase. It is also packed with Omega 3.

100g contain:
Energy < 1650 kJ (395 kcal)
Fat < 32.0g
of which saturates < 19.0g
Carbohydrate < 0.43g
of which sugars < 0.43g
Protein < 25.1g
Salt < 1.3g


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