Cheeses from Switzerland, Natural and Healthy Products

Swiss milk is of exceptional quality, thanks to the excellent pasturelands on which the cattle graze and the strict controls that govern its production. We honour this resource by producing 100% natural cheeses. No chemical additives or flavour enhancers are added from the production to the maturing process to insure a healthy eating.


Although certain additives are permitted in the production of European cheeses, the Swiss cheese industry decided in 2002 to voluntarily submit to even stricter requirements and to renounce artificial colours and preservatives with antibiotic effects. This decision is recorded in the "Declaration of Resignation", a code of conduct that is renewed every three years by the vast majority of Swiss cheesemakers. Only fresh cheese, seasonal specialities, processed cheese and processed cheese preparations are not affected by this regulation.

This means that we can offer you the very best of Switzerland in its purest form.

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