Raclette Cheese

Raclette cheese is the most popular semi-hard cheese in Switzerland! People love it for its taste and its impressive melting properties. Treat yourself to a real traditional Swiss raclette by choosing our top quality raclette cheeses made from natural milk.

30g contain:
Energy < null kJ (100 kcal)
Fat < 8.0g
of which saturates < 5.0g
Carbohydrate < 0.0g
of which sugars < 0.0g
Protein < 8.0g
Salt < 0.24g

Raclette Suisse

Raclette Suisse is a mild, aromatic cheese crafted with great care and expertise. A 100% natural product, made with care, a guarantee of authenticity and Swiss quality. This cheese is matured for three to six months and is available in a variety of flavours: traditional, cave-aged, organic, pepper, paprika, herbs and garlic. 

Raclette du Valais

Savour the rich flora of the Valais mountains and Alps in this raw milk cheese. Produced in the purest tradition from the Canton of Valais, according to an ancestral recipe, Raclette du Valais is a creamy cheese with a generously fresh and tangy taste enhanced by herbal and fruity notes. A gluten and lactose-free product made from strict AOP specifications.

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raclette-du valais
Raclette du Valais

This semi-hard cheese has a buttery, creamy taste with a slight tang and a hint of fruity aroma. Its rind varies in color, from brown to orange.

Raclette Suisse

This semi-hard cheese with hazelnut and fruity aromas has a sweet, earthy taste. Its smooth rind can be either dry or slightly humid and it varies in colour, from pale yellow to orange-brown, with a smooth golden interior.


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Recipes Pizza-Style Raclette

We love to try different combinations of cheeses and side dishes at our raclette parties. Surprise your guests (and your taste buds!) with this pizza-inspired raclette.


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