Hard Cheeses

Emmentaler and Gruyère are two well-known examples of hard cheese. The cheese’s flavour depends on the length of the maturation period (affinage), which varies between three months and three years. The longer the affinage, the more intense the taste.

Hard cheeses are extremely versatile in cooking and lend themselves beautifully to a multitude of hot or cold dishes. In a fondue, in a gratin, in a sandwich or on a cheeseboard, they are always delicious!

Our hard cheeses

Cheeses from Switzerland Emmentaler

Emmentaler AOP is the famous and popular Swiss cheese with holes. This hard cheese is available in several degrees of maturity, from mild to full-flavoured.

Cheeses from Switzerland Le Gruyère

Le Gruyère AOP is one of the most popular cheeses produced in Switzerland. Made with high-quality milk, Gruyère AOP is delicious in a cheese fondue.

Cheeses from Switzerland Le Maréchal

The Maréchal is a delicious cheese made from raw milk. High in Omega-3, it is characterized by its smoothness and its aroma infused with organic herbs.

Cheeses from Switzerland Appenzeller®

The Appenzeller is a tasty and flavourful Swiss cheese, thanks to the special herbal brine with which it is matured. It steals the show on any cheese board!

Cheeses from Switzerland L'Etivaz

Etivaz is a hard, raw-milk alpine cheese made from May to October in creameries located in the Vaud Alps. It is distinctly aromatic and has fruity taste.